It is said that the eye is a window to the soul...


If you had to pick one thing about Dani Dudovick that sets him apart, it would be his eye for how things should look on a page or device. Having worked at big agencies like FCB and Grey early in his career, as well as a small shop or two, Dani's done a lot, in a lot of media and in some small way aided a few big national brands as well as local and regional ones, in pretty much every industry -- packaged goods, entertainment, technology, tourism, healthcare, financial, fitness, legal, real estate, manufacturing and on and on...

For the latest chunk of time, Dani has worked solo in his studio. He knows the tools and widgets that are useful to marketers, from Wordpress theme development to on-point logo and interactivity design. Much of his time these days is spent coding websites and yes, he’ll be glad to provide contact information so his happy, happy clients can sing his praises into the phone or in an email for you.

The distinctiveness of Dani is two fold. On a more nuts and bolts level, he got into website building early. Early like 1995 or so. Who among you remember the infamous "blink" tag? He figured out that his value would increase dramatically if he was good at not just the whole outward facing design of websites -- the esthetics and navigation (UX) -- but also understood and could direct others at that mysterious back room coding stuff. So he has become a practioner of development. A coder. This "coding" stuff would give him access to one critical slice of the big picture few art directors or print designers understand.

The seamlessness this produces pays dividends for those who call on Dani’s skills. It’s one of the many reasons you should put him on your A-list of people you can depend on. Plus, he almost always answers the phone, and he delivers the goods.

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